Our Story

We are Hurricane Will and Storm Damage from Nashville, Tennessee. As individuals we are from different places, but we all reside in Nashville. Our music can be exemplified as a unique and intense blend of blues, classic rock, funk, rockabilly, soul, or 'Nashville Blues/Rock'. We are currently playing locally and have released our first EP (the Wire and Wood EP) to be followed by a full album soon. We will also be traveling to the surrounding areas sometime soon: Pittsburgh, Ohio, Louisiana, and Texas. 

Hurricane Will and Storm Damage is a unique group of guys who all came to Nashville to live out their dreams of being full time musicians. While they were all born and raised in different places, they met in the Fall of 2015 in Nashville. The members met at a jam where Will and Travis were a consistent part of the house band and Josh filled in on drums that night. Kyle came out to jam because he heard about Will from people around town and wanted to check out the "new kid". When they got up to play it was instant magic. Since then they have practiced and wrote songs as well as recorded an EP at Bombshelter Studios, and played a few shows where they have captivated a loyal following. What sets Hurricane Will and Storm Damage apart from most bands would be the age of members as well as the music they create and play. Since all of the members come from slightly different backgrounds and influences it makes for a unique sound. Hurricane Will and Storm Damage is also different because their guitarist/singer, Will Beeman, is 16 years old. 

Hurricane Will and Storm Damage are playing in Nashville and the surrounding areas and you can watch for details about every show on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). When we start traveling, we will post our shows on there as well as travel vlogs on our Youtube channel to give you an inside experience of life on the road! Don't forget to buy our EP and other merchandise available here on this website as well as subscribe to our email list so you never miss a show or update!

Member Bio's

Pucketts 7

Will Beeman
Music was in Will Beeman’s life before he left the womb, he would kick in time to the beat of whatever song was on the radio. His first guitar was a gift from his brother and sister that he was given at the age of 7. When he was 9 he began to take guitar seriously. When he was 10 he was introduced to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan and there was no looking back from there. By the time Will was 13 he had his first band and was gigging regularly in the North Central Ohio region. In the Summer of 2014 Will and his band (House of ‘Cane) found themselves opening for the Spin Doctors and headlining the biggest festival in his hometown of Lexington, Ohio. Around the time of Christmas of 2014, Will and his parents visited Nashville. On his first night in town they went to a blues jam and met a musician who brought Will up to play with him on the main stage of B.B. King’s within Will’s first 24 hours in Nashville. In June of 2015 Will and his family moved to Nashville and within a few months met Josh, Kyle, and Travis and formed Storm Damage. Since the move to Nashville and formation of Storm Damage, Will has become an endorser for Bluesman Vintage Guitars, Cusack Effects, and Rockslide Guitar Slides. As of 2017, Will has also won the Dallas International Guitar Festival's 10 Under 20 Competition, and the Big Pines Festival Youth Showcase. 

Kyle 2
Kyle Ingram
As a young child, Kyle ran around the house singing Aerosmith’s Ragdoll at the top of his lungs, proudly declaring it his favorite song. He started playing guitar when he was 7 years old, but did not get serious until the age of 12. He made his performance debut at the middle school talent show at 13. As lead guitarist in the Pittsburgh band LocaL, Kyle performed in numerous bars, clubs, and social events in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia areas. He also played Blues, Funk, and Soul improvisation shows every week. Along with song writing, recording EPs, and filling in for other local bands, he interned at Amerison Studios. He is currently studying Music Business at Belmont University, while teaching guitar at Tonestar Guitars in Nashville, TN.
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Travis Collinsworth
 Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Travis followed his own path to Nashville, TN with short stints in Central Florida and Boston, MA. Having spent the last 10 years building and operating a renowned venue in East Nashville, Travis found an old P-bass, a Flip Top amp and a fresh passion for music.  Exposure to a vibrant music scene populated by some of the finest pickers around allowed him to dabble in all sorts of music - bluegrass, blues, country, punk, funk, rock and jazz.  Now it’s time to enjoy the resulting mélange!

Josh Mcewen
Nashville based drummer Joshua McEwen developed an appreciation for music at an early age with the help of his family. He started playing the drums in the 4th grade with the guidance of his mothers love. Encouraged by his parents to practice, Joshua learned how to play in school bands and venture off into garage bands.  During high school Joshua received the Semper Fidalis award in Music Excellence from the  

United States Marine Corp.  Joshua also made the Erie County band and All State Band in his efforts to gain musical knowledge. 
At the age of 25, Joshua wanted more knowledge, so he attended Mcnally Smith College of music. Joshua studied under Gordy Knudtson.  In 1987, Gordy joined the Steve Miller Band and has been touring and recording with the band ever since.  
Joshua also Studied under Marv Dahlgren. Marv Dahlgren is a nationally known figure in the drumming world, having authored and co-authored many influential books on drumming including 4-Way Coordination, Accent on Accents, and Drumset Control.  

Joshua also studied under Dave Stanoch. David has performed globally with a highly eclectic array of talent including Sheryl Crow, Richard Davis, Herb Ellis, Robert Goulet, Col. Bruce Hampton, Scott Henderson, Shirley Jones, Keb'Mo', Jack McDuff, New Kids On The Block, Bernard Purdie, Bonnie Raitt, Don Rickles, Martin Short, Ben Sidran, Clyde Stubblefield, Timbuk3, Butch Vig, and Mary Wilson, among many others. 

After receiving such a great gift from these men (just to name a few) Joshua quickly realized he needed to cut his teeth. While in Minnesota, Joshua started to play wherever and whenever he could. Playing all styles and trying to master the concepts he had in his head. Jam session, Country bands, recording sessions, Blues Bands, Jazz trios, you name it Joshua was going for it. Joshua received a phone call shortly after to audition for Cruise Ships. Excited to expand his reading vocabulary he got the job. Since 2007 to now Joshua has been working for Holland America Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Seabourne Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line and even ran away with the Circus Smirkus. Traveled most of the world and made great friends doing it.  

I'm fortunate to do what I love for a living. I'm constantly in the company of world class musicians from many different cultures and musical directions. I try to soak up as much as I can, enjoy every minute, and turn around and mold it into something. I'm always open to new musical adventures and opportunities.